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  • Pretty good for a fat kid| Josh Foisey Interview

    Pretty good for a fat kid| Josh Foisey Interview

    Okay, I’m just gonna start with the usual. Your name, age, where you’re from, and belt size? My name’s Josh Foisey, I’m 24 years old, I’m from Pomfret, CT and I fluctuate between a 32’’ and 34’’ waist line. Whats the best and worst thing about growing up in Connecticut? […]

  • Newport Skatepark ShredFest 2015

    Newport Skatepark ShredFest 2015

    Real close call with some bad weather but dodged that bullet. The skies cleared up just in time for the event to kick off and the people started rolling in. There was a lot of talent rolling around the park. The competitions blew the crowd right out of their seats leaving Joey […]

  • Sundance City Rail Jam 2014

    Sundance City Rail Jam 2014

    The park crew at Nashoba Valley setup a “Steam Punk” theme for the rail jam at the bottom of the SunDance Park.  This innovative setup was both fun and perfect for progression.  Photos: Alex Cole

  • MacKenzie Hennessey Interview

    MacKenzie Hennessey Interview

    Tell us about your roots: Well, I’m a small town New England girl who grew up in an active, outdoorsy family. I’ve always been really into sports, and to this day I’m constantly involved in something new as the seasons change. Competitive horseback riding has been a primary interest of mine for […]

  • Rachel Bock Interview

    Rachel Bock Interview

    Current Setup? Not telling, not because I’m ashamed, but because why should that matter? Memorable moment from this season? Probably all the Sunday Funday’s at Bear Creek (flat light fundays). Every Sunday everyone.. and I mean everyone from around the area would flock to Bear and by about three in the […]

  • Chip Proulx Interview

    Chip Proulx Interview

    What’s your background in the snowboarding industry: Grew up in western Maine, 35 minutes south of Sunday River in Oxford Hills. I started snowboarding in 98′ and called Sunday River my home mountain until 2011. It was then that I accepted a job in the terrain park at Keystone and I’ve […]

  • Jake Sporn Interview

    Jake Sporn Interview

    Tell us about your roots as a photographer: I started taking photos 6 years ago, with a point and shoot, when I was 16. Shortly after buying that point and shoot I moved up to a DSLR and thats when it all started. Friends helped inspire me to keep shooting, […]

  • Adam Vindigni | Powe. Snowboards Interview

    Adam Vindigni | Powe. Snowboards Interview

    What inspired you to start Powe. Snowboards? Powe. Snowboards is the result of a gap in the market between super power snowboard companies and the everyday rider. We really feel there is a lot of room to make an impact in the snowboard industry with the goal of bringing friends together and closing […]